Madonna Cuts Own Daughter from Film

by | February 2, 2012 at 11:32 AM | General, Movies

Lourdes Leon Ciccone, Madonna (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Madonna shows no mercy when it comes to directing a film …just ask her daughter Lourdes Leon.

The pop star recently revealed to MTV that she cut her own kid from her latest project “W.E.”

The movie follows the story of a girl, played by actress Abbie Cornish, obsessed with the 1930s love affair between King Edward VIII and the infamous two-time divorcée Wallis Simpson.

Lourdes, 15, was called in unexpectedly to play the teen version of Cornish’s character, but her famous mother ended up nixing the scene.

“I just kind of dragged her in at the last minute. It was quite unfair of me what I did and what I asked her to do,” Madonna said.

“She was really great and then I ended up cutting her out of the film. Ruthless, I know,” the singer added.

Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter with fitness trainer Carlos Leon, wasn’t too upset over the incident

“I said, ‘Sorry babe, you’re on the cutting room floor.’ She took it like a champ,” the proud mom revealed.

As for the movie’s final product? Madonna is expecting big things.

“Yes, watch out Visconti!” she said. “No, I’m not a blockbuster kind of a girl, I don’t think. But I do love the idea of making a sweeping epic romance. And now that I know how to make a film in three different countries, with several different time periods and lots of different accents; I think I’m qualified.”


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