84th Academy Awards: Predicting with the ‘Stars’

Michael Jackson's Walk of Fame star (Photo: David Onda)

It’s the question on every movie fans’ mind: Who is taking home an Oscar?

And who better to make predictions on Hollywood’s biggest night than the stars themselves? Unfortunately, they were all getting ready for the red carpet, so I asked the next best people — celebrity impersonators!

I headed out to the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame where these “celebrities” hang out by their sidewalk stars nightly, posing for pictures with tourists. Who do they think is going to win big on Sunday night? Keep reading to find out.







Best Picture …
“I haven’t seen any of those movies, but I’m a big Spielberg fan, so I have to go with ‘War Horse.’”

Best Actor …
“Gary Oldman or Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt, he’s a good actor, but Gary Oldman — he’s no Brad Pitt — but I think Gary Oldman tries a little harder.”



Best Actress …
“Octavia Spencer from ‘The Help.’”

Best Picture …
“Hey, man, let me tell you something — ‘War Horse,’ ‘Moneyball’ and ‘The Help.’”




Best Supporting Actor …
“It would be very interesting if Jonah Hill won. I barely saw ‘Warrior,’ but Nick Nolte … you know what I’m saying? It could go Nick Nolte or Jonah Hill as the wildcards.”

Best Actor …
“Gary Oldman’s ‘Tinker Tinker Whatever Spy’ … very subtle. But the ‘The Artist’ is probably gonna win, because I’ve heard so many great things about it. It’s probably gonna win Best Picture — and the gentleman with the name that I cannot pronounce. It’s gonna be the one to beat.


Best Actor …
“Uh … Brad Pitt.”

Best Actress …
“Uh … I don’t know.”

Best Makeup …
“Mm … I’m not sure.”



Best Actress …
“Oh, my goodness. Wish I was up for one. This is gonna be a hard one. I’m thinking that Viola Davis may walk away with it. She absolutely captured what African Americans went through way back in the day.”

Costume Design …
“I actually think ‘The Artist’ was really beautiful. I love the costumes. I have a whole wardrobe of ’20s and ’30s costumes. So I can appreciate the styles from the ’20s and the ’30s.”


Best Actress …
“I think Glenn Close.”

Original Song …
“I’d say ‘Real in Rio.’”

Original Score …
“I’d say ‘Tintin,’ since I saw it and I loved it.”



Visual Effects …
“’Planet of the Apes.’ I think that’s a hands-down.”

Best Picture …
“It’s either ‘War Horse’ or ‘Hugo.’”




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