Ticket or Click It: The Straight & Arrow

Princess Merida in 'Brave' (Photo: Disney)

by Rebecca Kelley

Now that the summer heat has kicked in, what’s your best option for staying cool? Is it hunkering down with a cool drink in your air-conditioned house and watching a movie on XFINITY On Demand?  Or is it heading to a comfy theater near you and ordering the tallest soda they’ve got? “Ticket or Click It” has all your viewing options. Click on the movie title for more information about ordering On Demand or ordering tickets through Fandango. And be sure to hydrate, kids.


What’s On Demand?

Big Miracle

When a pod of grey whales is trapped in thick ice, can human beings put aside their differences, ambition and self-interest long enough to help? This film stars Drew Barrymore as a political staffer who becomes involved in the crisis, while John Krasinski plays a reporter. Based on a true story.

Our take: This kids’ tale is sweet and sappy, but a nice story for kids who love animals.


On their way to relocate in Atlanta, two type-A New Yorkers (Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston) stumble upon a hippy paradise where clothes are optional.

Our take: It has its funny moments, but they don’t add up to a good movie. With plenty of crude, gross-out humor, “Wanderlust” follows the Judd Apatow model in style, but not in the substance that usually makes his films worthwhile.

Project X

When a nerd’s parents go out of town, he plans on changing his reputation by throwing the wildest, most epic party ever.

Our take: It’s a tried and true formula, but in this case it’s just an excuse to show people throwing up, girls taking their bras off and other borderline sexist stunts. The characters never become likeable, the film uses every cliché available and there’s no real plot beyond debauchery. This movie is as painful as an epic hangover.


What’s in Theaters?


Merida is a princess from the Scottish highlands who clashes with her genteel mother. When neighboring clans come a-courting, she makes a wish that changes everything – but not in the way she’d hoped.

Our take: This film from Disney-Pixar is nothing like you’d expect. Instead of being a typical Disney princess movie or typical girl-power movie, it is instead a sweet and lovely story of family love. See it with your daughter.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Dodge (Steve Carell) finds himself suddenly single just as an asteroid threatens to wipe out life on Earth. As people panic and drown their sorrows in despair, hedonism or dogged refusal to acknowledge the inevitable, Dodge sets out with his neighbor Penny (Kiera Knightley) to find the love that got away. But, really, both are looking for the kind of human connection that will have made living worthwhile.

Our take: A funny, well-written and well-acted movie, “Seeking” puts heart into the apocalypse. After all, an asteroid is a metaphor for death in general. What more do we want than to lie down for the last time, secure in the knowledge that we loved and lived life to the fullest?

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The secret history of our beloved president Abraham Lincoln is finally revealed. It turns out the White House was just a means to an end: Killing dastardly vampires.

Our take: This reviewer was not able to screen this movie, which is a total bummer because this reviewer was very much looking forward to it. Other critics have panned it, calling it shallow and repetitive, but this reviewer will withhold judgment until this reviewer can see it for this reviewer’s self. Preferably, with popcorn.


Ticket or Click It?

Ticket! Get your apocalypse on with “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.”


The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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