Matt Damon to Return to ‘Bourne’ Franchise?

by | June 27, 2012 at 7:44 PM | General, Movies

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

After portraying Jason Bourne—one of the most iconic movie characters of the last decade—for the first three “Bourne Identity” films, Matt Damon ditched the successful franchise.

But “Bourne” fans may not have seen the last of Damon. He and Jeremy Renner, the new star of the upcoming flick “The Bourne Legacy,” could end up as a duo in the next installment, if producer Frank Marshall gets his way.

While Damon is featured in the trailer for the newest film, the two stars don’t appear together on-screen. But that’s something Marshall would like to change in the future, reports Huffington Post.

“You see there are several different programmes in the movie with different skill sets,” the producer told Empire magazine about the most recent movie, in theaters August 10. “All possibilities are open. My dream is that in the next one, we see Matt and Jeremy team up.”

During an interview last year with KCRW, Damon made some comments that could mean Marshall’s dream will come true.

“I think if [‘Bourne Legacy’] doesn’t work, we can just ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen, and that’d be fine,” Damon said. “But I expect that it will work and only help us if we did another one, which I’d love to do.”

That’s surprising considering Damon’s bashing of director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy’s initial “Ultimatum” script. In an interview with GQ, he called the script a “career-ender,” but the actor later called his harsh critique “douchey.”

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