‘Total Recall’ Remake: Biel and Beckinsale Throw Down

Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston and Director Len Weisman were at Comic-Con this week to promote the “Total Recall” remake.

Weisman told fans that while the reboot won’t have any Arnold moments, and the script doesn’t go to Mars, it will contain some nods to the original die-hard fans can’t do without.

“I actually made a list when I was about to go watch the original again and just wanted to write down the things that stayed with me over the years,” Weisman said. “… and made sure some of those things that had stuck with me for a while made their way into the film, but it’s always with a different twist.”

He admitted that the risque Mars brothel dweller, the one with the rather unusual anatomy, was at the top of his list.

“You can’t have ‘Total Recall’ that doesn’t have that, there’s too many fans out there, I’m one of them, I was 15 at the time, who remember that.”

Fans of the original may miss seeing Sharon Stone jump kick Arnold, but this version offers some nice replacements, thanks to the many talents of Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale. When asked who was the bigger ass-kicker, the two actresses were extremely modest about their fighting talents.

“I would have to say Beil because she’s born at a sprint, I was born sitting down, reading a book,” Beckinsale said.

“I would have to say Beckinsale because it’s that neck-crotch-crop thing,” Biel countered.

“I learned that in Brownies in Chiswick, England,” Beckinsale said.

Despite all the neck-crotch-chopping, no one was injured on the set of Total Recall. Unless you count Bryan Cranston’s case of double pink eye.

“I had such horrible, horrible pink eye in both eyes, from the water,” Bryan Cranston said. “We had these fight scenes, in about eight inches of water. The lovely people that they are, the crew heated up the water, so that we weren’t cold all the time, but it became like a Petri dish. And then, someone told me, “You know how you get pink eye? From fecal matter. That’s how you get pink eye!”’

Thankfully, for Cranston, the pink was all gone by the time he hit the Con. “Total Recall” is in theaters August 2012.

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