Ticket or Click It: See No ‘Evil’?

Milla Jovovich in 'Resident Evil: Retribution' (Photo: Screen Gems)

by Rebecca Kelley

What has Hollywood served up for your entertainment this week? Is it better to head out to your local theater or snuggle up on your own couch with XFINITY On Demand? We break down the options. Click on the movie titles for more information about ordering movies On Demand or buying tickets through Fandango.


What’s On Demand?

Snow White and the Huntsman

When the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron) puts a hit out on the princess Snow White (Kristen Stewart), the girl takes refuge in the woods with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth). Can she rally the downtrodden, start a revolution and save her father’s kingdom?

Our take: Before the kissing photos, cheating scandal and “Twilight” breakup, there was just a movie. Parts of the film are perfectly gorgeous, with fairy tale magic blending with medieval grittiness. Other parts are less enchanting. Stewart carries the role well and the film does a good job of reinventing the classic story – right up until it morphs into a “Braveheart” wannabe and loses the audience. Worth watching, but not twice.


A reformed criminal (Mark Wahlberg) is sucked back into crime to save a threatened relative. To protect his family, he must smuggle counterfeit money from Panama one last time. But, of course, things are never that easy.

Our take: If you’re in the mood for an action-adventure in which people stay barely one step ahead of the bad guys, shoot a lot and have car chases, this is the flick for you. There’s nothing original about it. You know what’s going to happen, even if the plot takes some odd twists. But if you don’t expect too much from it, it’s solid entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with that.

What to Expect when You’re Expecting

The movie follows five very different couples in the grips of impending parenthood. Three get pregnant the old-fashioned way, one faces an unplanned pregnancy and one cannot conceive at all. The trimesters tick on and the bodies get bigger until the big day inevitably arrives.

Our take: There is a lot of good material in pregnancy, but this movie relies on clichés, unreal situations and not-funny body gags. The only signs of life, if you can call it that, come from Chris Rock and his posse of daddies patrolling the park like gangstas with sippy cups. Even that, however, is tame and tepid. The movie deserves props for including unplanned pregnancy and adoption in its storyline, but it’s amazing how little substance or humor it gets out of one of life’s most profound and yet awkward experiences.


What’s In Theaters?

Resident Evil: Retribution

This fifth installment of the “Resident Evil” franchise finds warrior Alice (Milla Jovovich) imprisoned in an Umbrella facility from which she must fight her way to freedom. The compound, however, has the ability to look like a lot of different places, so she fights the infected zombies through virtual Moscow, Tokyo and suburbia. Poor child never gets a day off.

Our take: By now you know what you’re getting into when you buy a “Resident Evil” ticket. More of the same all over again: Lots of blades, blood and the slaughtering of the zombies with a slight horror edge. If you’re into that kind of thing, enjoy!

Finding Nemo 3D

Disney-Pixar’s epic story of a father clown fish (voiced by Albert Brooks) searching the sea for his lost son (Alexander Gould) is a beloved classic. You probably have it at home. This version has been remastered for 3D.

Our take: The 3D is beautifully done and adds pop to this fantastic film. But even if it weren’t in 3D, the chance to see a new American classic on the big screen is one I’d recommend. Young children will get to see the film in its big-screen glory, parents will sigh with the love of their children, and we’ll all marvel at a film that is one of the best of the last 10 years.


Ticket or Click It?

Ticket! Pack up the kiddos and head to “Finding Nemo 3D.” Make it a family event.


The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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