12 Days of ‘Misérables’: Party at Russell’s House

Russell Crowe, Anne Hathway, Hugh Jackman & Amanda Seyfried (Photo: Stuart Wilson/Getty)

Celebrate the December 25th release of Universal’s movie musical epic “Les Misérables” with 12 days of interviews and inside peeks at the film’s production with director Tom Hooper, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and more of the cast.

While Anne Hathaway has praised Hugh Jackman as the “leader” among the “Les Misérables” movie cast, she credits a different co-star as the “glue” that made the acclaimed group of actors a cohesive unit.

“You cannot underestimate Russell [Crowe]’s contribution and influence on this cast,” Hathaway said during the “Les Mis” press day. “He was the first one to say, ‘Hey, everybody come to my house Friday night. My voice teacher’s gonna play piano, we’ll have a couple drinks and we’ll sing.’ And that was such a key part of the process because, up to that point, we were in rehearsals with each other, we’re very serious, we’re spending all day crying – but then in between, I don’t think we had gotten to the point where we thought of song as a way of communicating with each other.”

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Samantha Barks, who makes her film debut as Éponine in “Les Mis,” praised Crowe’s passion for music and echoed Hathaway’s sentiment that these get-togethers helped bond the cast. In fact, Sam and Anne – who don’t share screen time in the film – used one of the parties as an opportunity to finally share a duet… from a different musical.

“We sang a duet from ‘Rent,’” Barks confessed, and clarified for nosey musical buffs that she sang as Maureen while Anne sang as Joanne. “And we sang the Adele songbook back and forward. It made us all so comfortable with each other. And we were just like, ‘I’ve always wanted to sing that.’ It was singing in this group of people. They’re not judging you – just communicating and sharing that bond of music.”

The self-proclaimed group of “‘Les Mis’ geeks” became so bonded, in fact, that some of the actors even allowed themselves to be jealous of each other’s roles. Even when that role is for a young child.

“Who did you want to be at first?” Hathaway asked co-star Eddie Redmayne, who plays Marius. “I think he’s still envious of Daniel [Huttlestone] for getting to play Gavroche.”

“Genuinely envious,” Redmayne replied. “I watched the entire film going, ‘God!’ He was so brilliant, as was Isabelle [Allen] – they were so effortless and wonderful. And my inner 7-year-old was so happy, whilst being deeply jealous.”

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Now that the stage-to-screen journey of “Les Misérables” has finally come to an end, and Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of the beloved musical is in theaters everywhere, will this tight-knight group of actors do anything to commemorate the occasion?

“24601 tattoos,” Redmayne joked as the cast laughed.

Jackman pointed at his co-stars one by one and said, “24602, 24603, 24604…”


The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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