The Critic’s Guide to Tribeca at Home: ‘Fresh Meat’

Actor Temuera Morrison in 'Fresh Meat' (Photo: Tribeca)

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 “Fresh Meat” is a story you’ve heard 1,000 times: Gang escapes prison, gang chooses hideout, hideout belongs to family of cannibals.

Actually, if you’ve heard anything remotely similar to this tale, it was probably at a “Midnight” film festival screening, which is where this movie will featured next week at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is available now with XFINITY On Demand.

“Midnight” screenings are a popular staple of film festivals around the world and, as you would expect, the typically twisted and campy tales are often scheduled late at night. Plots often involve such garish subject matter as killer mutants (“Mutant Girls Squad”), killer tires (“Rubber”), killer filmmakers (“A Serbian Film”), killer sushi (“Dead Sushi”) and all things macabre (“The ABCs of Death”).

“Fresh Meat” stars Temuera Morrison (“Star Wars,” “Green Lantern”) as Hemi Crane, the patriarch of an upper-class family that recently introduced something new into its diet — human flesh.  This is unfortunate news for the dysfunctional “Tan gang,” which chooses the Crane residence as their hideout after breaking out of prison. And before the crooks wise up to what Hemi’s celebrity chef wife has put on the dinner menu (them), the hostages turn the tables with a hilarious and bloody vengeance that is most certainly not for the whole family.

This culinary creepfest comes to Tribeca (and your living room) courtesy of New Zealand and native director Danny Mulheron, and features a nearly unknown cast of actors.

Click below to watch the terrifying ‘Fresh Meat’ trailer:

[iframe 580 476]

Sounds like you’ve got your weekend plans set, eh? Start the evening with a hearty meal, perhaps a traditional English meat pie (a la “Sweeney Todd”), put the young ones to bed, turn off the lights and find the most comfortable chair in the house, because you’ll likely be squirming in it for the next 92 minutes. But don’t worry, “Fresh Meat” features enough comedy, camp and raunch (inbetween the over-the-top gore) to keep you from having nightmares. It’s kind of like a party, only, you might want to skip the hors d’oeuvres.

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A review in the New Zealand Herald says, ” the film succeeds in that the story is a bit of a hoot and it makes you chuckle when perhaps you shouldn’t be chuckling,” and adds, “The performances are fittingly hammy and over the top too.” Variety also praises the film’s “cheerfully vulgar screenplay.”

There still plenty of Tribeca films left to view (click the invitation below), so keep your at-home festival rolling this weekend with over-the-top fun in “Fresh Meat.” Let us know what you think of the movie on Twitter (tweet your reviews to @XFINITY_TV and @david_onda) and Facebook!

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