The Critic’s Guide to Tribeca at Home: Past Festival Favorites

From April 17-28, celebrate the world-famous Tribeca Film Festival as editor David Onda helps you plan your own festival at home, featuring past and present Tribeca movies now available with XFINITY On Demand.

Over the last several days, XFINITY On Demand gave you the chance to experience four of this year’s most anticipated Tribeca Film Festival movies in the comfort of your own home.

And now that you’ve enjoyed Julianne Moore as “The English Teacher,” Penn Badgley in “Greetings from Tim Buckley,” gory hilarity in “Fresh Meat” and the Irish sensation “What Richard Did,” it’s time to plan the rest of your Tribeca-at-home experience with past fest favorites available with XFINITY On Demand.



Kick off your exploration of past Tribeca favorites with this French comedy starring Isabelle Carré and Benoit Poelvoorde as a pair of shy chocolatiers who must overcome their blinding bashfulness to explore their attraction to each other and save his chocolate company. San Fran Chronicle critic Mick LaSalle praised this film saying, “Movies that truly have the capacity to delight – that amuse and lift the spirits and create a warm feeling – are rare. ‘Romantics Anonymous’ is one of those rare delights.”

Wednesday, April 24: THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY

In an interview last year, “Joe May” star Dennis Farina told me the film does “what movies are supposed to do. I think they’re supposed entertain you and you’re supposed to go away, hopefully, a little wiser about what you just saw.” The film follows a small-time hustler (Farina) who returns to Chicago after a lengthy illness, only to find out that he’s been thrown out of his apartment and written off as a “has been.” In this tale of unshakeable pride, Joe May sets out to cement his legacy with one final score.


This extremely low-budget film (made for under $50,000) stars “Girls” favorite Alex Karpovsky and actor/writer Tarik Lowe as a pair of New York filmmakers hired to save a floundering comedy project from its unusual director (Kevin Corrigan) while balancing their complicated relationships and new love interests. New York Times critic Stephen Holden gave the film a positive review, saying, “This well-acted film captures a generational and occupational sliver of New York life that rings true.”

Friday: April 26:  RESOLUTION

Low-budget horror movies are a dime a dozen, but last year’s Tribeca favorite “Resolution” combines elements of “The Cabin in the Woods” and “Evil Dead” for a chilling critical hit. This film is the story of a man named Mike (Peter Cilella) who stages an intervention for his meth-addicted friend Chris (Vinny Curran). Perhaps an abandoned Indian reservation cabin was not the best choice of venue. Los Angeles Times critic Robert Abele called this film “a strangely tense and humorous meta-narrative.”

Saturday: April 27: SIDE BY SIDE

In this acclaimed documentary, actor Keanu Reeves explores the evolution of film from its early days of celluloid to the current boom of digital photography. “Side by Side” features interviews with Hollywood heavyweights such as James Cameron, David Fincher, David Lynch, Robert Rodriguez, Martin Scorcese and Steven Soderbergh. In his review of this movie, Arizona Republic critic Bill Goodykoontz said, “It’s this simple: If you like movies, you need to see ‘Side by Side.’”



Carice van Houten stars in this Dutch film about the tumultuous life famed South-African poet Ingrid Jonker. Among the topics covered in this gripping biopic are Jonker’s difficult relationship with her father, her criticism of apartheid in South Africa, her affair with author Jack Cope and her tragic death at the age of 32. Hollywood Reporter critic Jordan Mintzer called this film “conventional yet captivating thanks in large part to a terrific lead performance from Carice van Houten.”


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