‘RED 2’ Stars Willis & Hopkins on Making Out, Gun Safety

Willis and Hopkins (Photos: Kevin Winter, Frazer Harrison/Getty)

Bruce Willis is getting negative press today for his curt interview with U.K. radio host Jamie Edwards, but the “RED 2” star was nothing but positive when he sat down with press in New York City to discuss his new action sequel.

Willis reprises his “RED” role of Frank Moses, a former CIA operative who simply wants to settle into retirement with his girlfriend Sarah Ross, played by Mary-Louise Parker. Frank’s quiet life comes to an abrupt end, however, when Interpol mistakenly ties him to a nuclear weapon plot and puts a price on his head. As assassins from around the world hunt him down, Frank reunites with some old friends (John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Catherine Zeta-Jones) to find the real villain and his bomb.

Anthony Hopkins also appears in “RED 2” as an eccentric physicist who may hold the key to the weapon’s whereabouts. The 75-year-old Oscar winner joined a smiling Willis for the two-man press conference, and both stars gave answers that, as you can see from the following highlights, were anything but curt. 


Bruce Willis on kissing his co-stars, part one: “I’ll talk about the romance. I get to kiss two women in this film, which I seldom get to do in some of my other work. I get to kiss girls.”

Bruce Willis on getting slapped in the film: “I was slapped in this film? I haven’t seen the final cut, so… I get slapped? [Writers remind him of the scene] Oh, my goodness, yes! I like that scene. I get to do something that I seldom get to do in films, and that is to get that daffy look on my face like I’m just coming out of unconsciousness – always a fun thing to act and do in films.”

Willis, Malkovich and Hopkins in 'RED 2' (Photo: Summit)

Anthony Hopkins on the inspiration for his character: “I knew this man in England, another professor, who was completely off the wall. Brilliant genius. Mathematical genius. He didn’t know the time of day, he never knew where he was – he used to ask people where he lived.”

Bruce Willis on kissing his co-stars, part two: “I think I’m very fortunate. I get asked to do a lot of different kinds of things and some of them include weapons, some of them include jokes… from time to time I get to make out with women that I’m not married to. How often does that happen? [To the writers] What about you guys back there? Does that ever come up in your job? ‘Listen, today we need you to kiss three or four of the women at the press conference, and you can choose who they are.’ Think about it! It’s a strange thing, isn’t it?”

Bruce Willis on movie gun safety: “Safety is so important. Safety is not shooting your fellow actors, not shooting yourself, not having the gun go off while it’s in your pocket. You don’t want that to happen. Safety really is my biggest concern. Sometimes you get to work with kids, I get to work with some kids – you don’t want to shoot the kids, right? You don’t want that to happen.”

Anthony Hopkins on Bruce’s movie gun safety: “I noticed, actually, when I had a gun in the scene and was working with Bruce, I noticed he was very – made sure everything was safe. The gun happened to be loaded at one point, because we had to do a continued shot, but I was aware of him being very aware of the safety and the consequences of a firearm going off, because he’d been around them.”

Zeta-Jones, Parker and Willis in 'RED 2' (Photo: Summit)

Bruce Willis on fatherhood… and kissing his co-stars, part three: “I change diapers. It’s very humbling, changing diapers. And I’m happy to be doing it. It’s just me, you know? It’s just one guy and about thirty women in the house, so I don’t win very many arguments and we don’t have any arguments. And nobody gets mad if you have to kiss someone every once in a while. ‘Look, it’s right in the script. It says, now kisses Mary-Louis Parker, now kisses Catherine Zeta-Jones.’ Sometimes they were trying to get me to kiss John Malkovich. I drew the line.”

Bruce Willis on living life to the fullest: “Life is short, isn’t it? It seems short. You gotta live it up. Gotta live it up, have fun, laugh, eat good food, do whatever you want – don’t hurt people, try and have as much fun as you possibly can. You start making out with each other whenever you want. Don’t you worry, just tell ’em, ‘Well, Mr. Willis says part of the press conference was to make out with the person sitting next to you.’ Just think if that was your job. Not bad, right? Not bad.”

Anthony Hopkins on the “RED” films and his advice for young actors: “I love the first one. I just like the work. I’d read the phonebook if they want me to. I would do it. I’ve gotten to that age now where I’m just lucky to be around, you know? I tell young actors – when they say, ‘What’s the advice?’ – I say, ‘Keep working. Any chance you get, just keep working. Just work, work, work.’ I have a young niece who’s getting her first part. She’s really good and she’s never acted before, and I said, ‘Just work hard. Enjoy it, have a great time with it.’”

“RED 2” is open in theaters everywhere now. Click here to order tickets through Fandango.


The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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