Remembering Walt & Diane: ‘Fantasia,’ Magic and More

This interview with Diane Disney Miller originally appeared on XFINITY.com in December 2010. It has been reposted in honor of Diane, who died Tuesday at the age of 79: Last month marked the 70th anniversary of Walt Disney’s third animated classic “Fantasia,” which was a stunning audio and visual achievement for its time, combining Walt’s state-of-the-art animation with […]

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Five Minutes with ‘Roger Rabbit’ Star Charles Fleischer

In 1988, director Robert Zemeckis and producer Steven Spielberg stunned Hollywood with “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” a seemingly un-makeable movie that married animated and live-action characters in the same interactive world. For the uninitiated, “Roger Rabbit” stars Bob Hoskins as private detective Eddie Valiant, a former champion of downtrodden cartoons living in the Tinseltown-adjacent Toontown, […]

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