GQ Names Chris Brown the Worst-Dressed Man of 2012

Chris Brown (Getty Images)

We’re only two months into 2012, but that’s all the time GQ needed to determine the year’s Worst-Dressed Man. And the dubious honor goes to …

Chris Brown! The British edition of the men’s magazine zeroed in on the R&B singer for his countless sartorial sins, most of which stem from his stubborn insistence on wearing baggy clothes.

“For someone who seems to have so much disposable income — he boasts on one track about spending ‘15 grand on a phone’ and charged over $500 for meet-and-greets on his last tour — Brown seems utterly adverse to investing in tailoring, combining the worst excesses of XXL sizing with a penchant for deeply unflattering costumes,” GQ wrote.

The magazine supports its claim with a wholly unflattering slideshow of Brown’s worst crimes against fashion, the highlights of which include a hideous hibiscus print blazer, a red and white prom tux, a SpongeBob/Rugrats bomber jacket, a slew of thuggish scarves and a seemingly endless parade of oversized hoodies. GQ also makes special mention of Brown’s curious penchant for bow ties, calling one particularly awful tie “more Pee-Wee Herman than Andre 3000.”

Ouch! Just when it seemed like the violence-prone singer was finally swinging public opinion back in his favor, along comes a sucker punch like this. Although, as this billowing bumblebee outfit illustrates, he really does bring it on himself.

Never shy to speak his mind, Brown responded to GQ’s article by releasing a video in which he describes the inspiration behind his curious style.

“I’m myself at all times,” Brown stated. “I don’t care what the media say, I don’t care about [expletive], so I just do me. I’m independent, my music, my thought process has brought me where I am.”

“The clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes,” the singer further clarified. “A lot of my fashion icons today are like Pharrell – he has a lot of incredible style, and him being from Virginia, that’s always one of those things that get the kids going excited. For me, I was excited as a kid, being able to see him influence the world with his fashion and him being from where I’m from. That was kinda dope.”

So I guess that’s settled.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.


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