Donald Trump Explains His Hair

by | May 12, 2011 at 1:33 PM | Personalities

Donald Trump's hair, in all its glory.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Donald finally explains how he gets his hair to look like that.

While the ever-boastful (“I have the best-selling cuff links at Macy’s!”) Trump continues his will-he-or-won’t he presidential bid dance, he does open up in great detail on his is-it-real-or-is-it-dead mane:

“OK, what I do is, wash it with Head and Shoulders. I don’t dry it, though. I let it dry by itself. It takes about an hour. Then I read papers and things.”

The reporter, it seems, regretfully does not follow up with “I never knew you had dandruff!”

Back to the hair:

“I then comb my hair. Yes, I do use a comb.” He pauses, frowning, casting his mind back to capture the details of the event. “Do I comb it forward? No, I don’t comb it forward.” He pushes the leading edge of the flying wing of his hair back, to show where the hairline is. “I actually don’t have a bad hairline. When you think about it, it’s not bad. I mean, I get a lot of credit for comb-overs. But it’s not really a comb-over. It’s sort of a little bit forward and back. I’ve combed it the same way for years. Same thing, every time.”