Report: Angry CEO Breaks Waiter’s Finger

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Celebrated CEOs often expect white-glove service when wining and dining. But that’s certainly no excuse for the alleged actions of John Castle, 76, chairman and CEO of New York-based private equity firm Castle Harlan. When the executive often referred to as a ‘leveraged buyout king’ ate at Club Colette, an elite private dining club in Palm Beach, Fla., this past weekend, his experience fell short of his expectations.  So much so that he reportedly became very irritated, called his waiter a ‘schmuck’ and broke the server’s finger.

According to ABC News, the tipping point occurred when Castle was handed a bill prematurely. The police report documented that the restaurant’s waiter Paul Kucik, 57, claimed “he attempted to hand Mr. Castle the bill and Mr. Castle became irate with him and yelled, ‘You schmuck, why did you bring the bill to the table?,'” as noted by ABC News. Allegedly, Castle’s wife had requested the bill. Nonetheless, Castle then lashed out by reportedly taking Kucik’s hand and twisting and bending his fingers.

When the waiter’s hand was x-rayed at a walk-in clinic the next morning, it was confirmed that his left ring finger was indeed broken.

Castle is known for throwing lavish weddings for his children in the Kennedy’s former Palm Beach compound, which he purchased in 1995. But being the host of affairs rumored to involve the area’s most reputable catering and fine dining services certainly wouldn’t entitle anyone to the outlandish and harmful behavior that was reported.

Palm Beach police said they are currently investigating the situation. Castle and Club Colette have not commented, according to several reports.















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