Bakery Offers $55K Cupcake

A bakery just outside Philadelphia is offering head-over-heels lovers with an opportunity to really hit the sweet spot this Valentine’s Day – a $55,000 sweet spot, that is.

In addition to your everyday confections, Cupcakes Gourmet is selling a special cupcake topped with an 8-carat diamond engagement ring. reports that the Malvern, Pa.-based bakery partnered with the local Warwick Jewelers to offer the pricey treat.

Cupcakes Gourmet is rolling out the ring-topped Sparkling Red Velvet Cupcake as a Valentine’s special, but says the combo can be custom ordered year-round.

And while it might rank up there as one of the most expensive cupcake toppings imaginable, Cupcake Gourmet says the deal includes a 15-percent discount from the jeweler.

No word yet if they’re offering dental work discounts for those lucky ladies too eager to sink their teeth into some red velvet goodness.

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