Nose Job Scandal Ousts Lawmaker

In what may be one of the first political scandals to embroil Egypt’s newly born electoral democracy, a lawmaker there has been booted from his party after lying about being beaten by masked gunmen, The New York Times reports.

Why the cover-up?

It turns out a recent nose job was the real reason for the bandages on Anwar el-Balkimy’s face.

The politician was a member of the ultraconservative Nour Party, whose Salafi Islamist movement shuns plastic surgery as well as “most music and other forms of popular entertainment,” according to the Times.

It was only after high-ranking politicians began visiting el-Balkimy to express sympathy for the attack that doctors at the hospital where the surgery took place expressed outrage at the nose job cover-up.

According to the Times, el-Balkimy’s party had been demanding interrogation of other politicians they believed may have been responsible for the alleged attack.

Now embarrassed by the nose job scandal, the party hoped to save some face by expelling el-Balkimy.
And while the Times reports Balkimy apologized, there’s no word yet as whether or not he admitted fabricating the mugging story.

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