GOP Battle for…Guam?

It’s perhaps a sign of how fierce the fight for the GOP nomination is getting: Republican candidates are now making moves to secure delegates from the small Pacific island of Guam.

A U.S. territory, Guam Republican leaders will pick a candidate Saturday and send a total of nine delegates to the GOP convention in Florida this August.

The Guam Pacific Daily News reports that Rick Santorum called Republican party members on the island this week, in part to apologize for telling a New Hampshire crowd in January that he’d like to ship liberal judges “off to Guam.”

“It was very sincere,” Republican Sen. Frank Blas Jr. told the paper.

While Blas and Santorum reportedly spoke for some time on the phone, it appears that Mitt Romney is ready to trump the friendly chat. His son, Matt Romney, is heading to the island Saturday to act as a surrogate.

While the local party officials have yet to hear from Newt Gingrich, the Pacific Daily News noted that “Guam Republicans have not received as much attention from national Republicans in years.”

During the 2008 campaign, John McCain simply sent out a letter asking for support.

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