Dead Man Sends Friends Mysterious Emails

You’d think getting personalized emails from a long-dead friend would be a purely creepy experience.

But, as the BBC reports, three friends have found strange comfort in a string of posthumous messages from their deceased pal.

Jack Froese, of Dunmore, Pa., passed away last summer from a heart condition.

Within a few months, friends started getting eerie emails from Froese – emails that friends say only he could have crafted because of personal details.

Tim Hart, who knew Froese for 17 years, was sitting on his couch in November when a message arrived in his inbox.

“It popped up, ‘sender: Jack Froese,'” Hart told BBC.

The subject?

“I’m Watching.”

Hart turned “ghost white” upon seeing the email, which went on to admonish him for not cleaning his attic. The friends had been in Hart’s attic not long before he died, with Froese chiding him for the mess.

Hart soon learned he wasn’t the only one getting messages from beyond the grave.

“We asked around, and we found out a few other people had gotten these emails,” Hart said.

Those messages also contained intimate details that led friends to believe they were genuinely from Froese.

While the report didn’t clear up how the emails were being sent, the dead man’s friends seemed to agree that the messages were comforting, even if the first reaction was shock.

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