Man Finds Self on Missing Children’s Site

If there was a ever a question as to whether age-progression photos really are accurate, just ask Steve Carter.

Carter had the unnerving experience of having a strikingly accurate computer-aged photo of himself stare back at him – and not from some gimmicky website, but from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database.

Carter, 35, told CNN that he found the image of himself after visiting The Philadelphia man was adopted from a Honolulu orphanage when he was 4. After seeing a story on the news network last year about a woman who found her baby picture on the site, Carter became curious.

Still, finding his enhanced baby image amid the faces of missing children stunned him. He quickly contacted Honolulu police – he had, in a sense, been found.

“I let them know my info and they ran with it,” Carter told CNN.

He underwent DNA testing, and within eight months, he discovered his birth name: Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes.

CNN reports that Carter’s father had reported him missing more than 30 years ago after he and his mother disappeared.

While Carter is skeptical of the story, he has reached out to some of his newfound family, and describes his long-running missing-persons case as having “a happy ending.”

“They knew I had been located, but they were very surprised,” Carter told CNN of his biological family. “You see a lot of these reunion stories and a day later they’re meeting their parents. I’m still going forward, testing the waters.”

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