Pastor Survives Lightning Strike

An age-old admonition lost a little credit this weekend after a pastor at a church outside Chicago was struck by lightning.

Apparently, steering clear of blasphemy isn’t enough to ward off bolts of punishing electricity after all.

Kathy Nolte, a pastor at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Oak Park, Ill., was struck by lightning following a May 6 sermon, CBS Chicago reports.

Nolte, 57, was even doing a good deed – walking with her parishioners for an anti-hunger campaign – when she got zapped.

“The sky was getting worse and worse looking and we were hearing all this thunder in the distance,” Nolte told CBS Chicago. “The next thing I know, I can tell I’m in a vehicle with emergency people all around me, and they’ve got electrodes all over me.”

Of course, there’s always the chance that a higher power had it out for somebody (or something) else: witnesses said the lightning bolt ricocheted off a nearby tree, leaving a deep burn, before hitting Pastor Nolte.

And this was no little spark.

The jolt flung her to the ground, leaving a gash that required a dozen staples in her skull.

“Every cell in my body aches like crazy,” she told CBS the next day.

The incredibly bad luck aside, Nolte considers herself blessed. And, naturally, she even took a divine lesson away from the experience.

“Being a pastor, there’s a part of me that always thinks about someday I won’t be here, and you’re really satisfied with just ‘when that comes I hope I’ll be ready,'” she told CBS. “But I’m really glad that it didn’t happen yesterday.”

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