Racy Russian Spy Anna Chapman’s Tools in New Exhibit

Russian spy Anna Chapman - pictured here on the cover of Maxim's Russian edition magazine - is featured in a new exhibit at Discovery Times Square. (AP Photo)

Russian spy Anna Chapman – known more for her good looks than for any juicy secrets she may have stolen from the U.S. – has earned a spot in new exhibit on spy lore.

The Discovery Times Square exhibit, which opened May 18, is making the most of a wave of international celebrity that erupted after Chapman was arrested on espionage charges in June 2010.

Among the “actual gadgets” boasted by Discovery is a tricked-out, $2,300 Chanel bag Chapman used to keep in touch with sources back in Russia, the New York Post reports. Embedded within the high-priced purse is a high-powered Wi-Fi device that kept her linked with Moscow as she worked to collect business secrets.

Other items are a little more mundane – her business card and a laptop purported to be the device that got her busted by the FBI – but her entry in the exhibit is easily justified by her reputation as a modern-day Bond girl.

“If she had been here another six months, Anna Chapman could have become the most dangerous spy in American history,” exhibit organizer and ex-CIA operative H. Keith Melton told the New York Post.

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