City: Homeless Man Can Keep $77K Found in Park

Homeless and broke, Timothy Yost had to think his luck was too good to be true when he stumbled on $77,000 while heading through a city park to wash his feet in the Colorado River.

For a while, it seemed his luck was indeed still lousy – a bank teller called the police when he brought in the find, a mixture of damp bills and South African Krugerrand gold coins stuffed in a bag.

After police in the city of Bastrop, Texas, put the money storage, officials began a search for original owner, the Austin-American Statesman reports.

And while Yost, 46, was in jail on public intoxication and trespassing charges earlier this week, his luck has returned.

Unable to locate anyone with a legitimate claim, city officials voted to return the cash to Yost, the Statesman said.

The city had held the money since Yost found it on the riverbanks on Jan. 13, and Yost has continued to sleep on the streets since. But he didn’t give up on getting the money back, and even found an attorney to help him put in a claim.

“It is a great day for Bastrop; it is a great day for Mr. Yost,” Aleta Peacock, Yost’s lawyer, told the paper.

He was expected to get the money within two days of the decision.

Back in May, Yost described the discovery to Austin’s KTBC:

“I went down to wash my feet. They were ugly. They were gross. And I’m down there and I’m kicking myself. I’m like Lord do you want me to leave? He said go over and look at that bag. I walk off the trail and I walk into the woods and there’s a bag sitting there.”

Upon hearing that he would be getting the money back, Yost told a reporter at KTBC what his first purchase would be – a set of wheels.

“I’ve been walking for so long, first thing I want is a vehicle,” said Yost.

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