Man Gets Dumped, Wins $30.5M Jackpot

Sandeep Singh, left, won a $30.5 million jackpot Oct. 17 – just a few weeks after his girlfriend left him. Credit: Mass. Lottery.

Sure, money can’t buy you love.

Still, there’s probably nothing quite like becoming a multimillionaire overnight to help one get over the agony of being dumped.

Just ask Sandeep Singh. Not long ago, he was ranked among the brokenhearted.

But Wednesday, the 22-year-old’s grinning face was being splashed around local television stations after he hit a $30.5 million jackpot in Massachusetts.

Singh, of Cape Cod, told Boston’s WCVB that he was in the dumps after his girlfriend left him, but that he was “suddenly starting to get over it.”

“She broke up with me. But right now, I’m not really worried about it. I was heartbroken at first, but now I am getting over it,” he told the station.

The Associated Press reports that Singh is working two jobs and that he plans to buy his family a house and return to college with the Mega Millions win.

Seemingly a touch overwhelmed with his sudden celebrity, Singh told CBS Boston that he nearly forgot to buy the lottery ticket. Busy with his jobs at Citizens Bank and Best Buy, he had his sister buy the ticket.

Singh didn’t elaborate much about his romantic woes, but seemed to appreciate the karmic bad luck of his ex with a little humor.

“No, no lucky girlfriend, just broke up with her, Nice. Ha ha. Thank God!” he told CBS with a laugh.

Massachusetts Lottery officials say Singh will take a lump sum payment of around $23 million – roughly $16 million after taxes.

The ticket was purchased at a local convenience store.

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