Best Soup Joints in Seattle

By Karie Engels,

Us Northwestern natives have a few favorites we enjoy this chilly time of year. A hearty minestrone, dungeness crab clam chowder, smoked salmon chowder, chicken gumbo, and oyster stew. We are fortunate to have some of the best restaurants, chowder houses and soup joints right here in the beautiful City of Seattle. Check out the following restaurants for a warm, delicious bowl of soup this winter.

City Soups
Columbia Tower
701 5th Ave.
Seattle, WA  98104
(206) 386-8077

Digging into a hearty minestrone loaded with fresh, seasonal, classic Italian ingredients and a bit of rice or pasta tossed in is a great way to refresh the spirit at lunch. This enticing and robust soup is the perfect element on a rainy day in the Emerald City. Sprinkle on one of the tasty topping options available, dig in and enjoy. City Soups is open Monday through Friday for the noon-time crowd at Columbia Tower with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available to fit various dietary needs. 

Dungeness Crab Chowder 
Duke’s Chowder House
2516 Alki Ave. SW
Seattle, WA  98116

Whether you are in the mood for a crab and whiskey concoction, a spicier Cajun flavor or a simple hearty and creamy clam chowder, Duke’s Chowder House prepares its cuisine using only the freshest ingredients and is always preservative free. A patron favorite at Duke’s, the Dungeness Crab & Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Chowder is filled with succulent crab and a splash of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. The atmosphere is festive, the waitstaff is always friendly and the prices are moderate.

Smoked Salmon Chowder 
Pike Place Chowder
1530 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 267-2537

A trip to Pike Place Market is always a treat, and stopping in at Pike Place Chowder for a hot sourdough bread bowl filled with soup or chowder crowded with smoked salmon completes the entire day. The atmosphere is always fresh and exuberant and prices are moderate. A roll or one of the restaurant’s signature sandwiches is the perfect combination to any one of it’s mouthwatering chowders or bisques.  There are several options brimming with flavor, including great options for vegan soup lovers.
Chicken Gumbo 
Soup’s On
1420 5th Ave.
First Floor
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 625-9973

Succulent chicken in a thick, well-seasoned gumbo is a perfect accompaniment to a chilly fall afternoon. Tuesday is the only day of the week Soup’s On offers this tasty treat for the lunch crowd in the US Bank Building, and it’s well worth the wait. There is generally a long line at the kiosk in the lobby, which attests to the heavenly flavor of its soups, chili and gumbo.  The prices are excellent, the soups are exquisite and your taste buds will be thoroughly satisfied.
Oyster Stew
Elliot’s Oyster House
1201 Alaskan Way Pier 56
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 623-4340

After spending the day touring the waterfront, stop in at Elliot’s Oyster House for a great place to relax. Sip on a cocktail or frothy brew and begin your meal with a bowl of Elliot’s outstanding Oyster Stew. Loaded with oysters, cream and a hint of bacon, it’s one of the most tempting and flavorful items on Elliot’s menu. The atmosphere is quiet, the view is excellent and while the prices a bit on the higher end, a trip here is worth every penny.

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