Woman Steals 2 Police Cars in Chase

A wild police chase ended in Philadelphia on Tuesday, but not before a suspect allegedly managed to steal two police cars during a getaway attempt, NBC 10 reports.

The pursuit began after police in Camden, N.J., made a traffic stop. During an altercation, a man and woman who had been pulled over were able gain access to the Camden officer’s cruiser.

Fleeing the scene, the suspects struck that officer with the police car, causing what NBC described as “severe leg trauma.”

After a roughly 10-minute chase, the suspects made their way across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and into Center City Philadelphia.

Police in Philadelphia were able to disable the stolen Camden cruiser.

During the arrest of the male suspect, the female suspect escaped and was able steal yet another police cruiser – this time from Philadelphia police.

Eyewitnesses described a hectic chase in which a number of cars were damaged by the fleeing woman. Police were eventually able to stop the woman in the city’s Northern Liberties section, according to reports.

That the suspects were allegedly able to steal not one, but two police cruisers stunned at least one local officer.

“I never heard of anyone stealing two police cars in one incident,” Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross told NBC.

One bystander was reportedly injured in the chase.

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