Deadly Spiders Hatch Out of Grocery-Store Bananas

by | November 5, 2013 at 3:16 PM | General

Ruth Brown, Newser Staff
Yes, we have no bananas today … because they’re full of deadly South American spiders. A family in London was forced to flee its home after spiders began to hatch out of the Colombian fair-trade bananas it had bought from a supermarket chain.

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Consi Taylor had already eaten half the bananas when she noticed the spider nest at the bottom of the fruit, the Daily Mail reports. She vacuumed up all the spiders, but when Taylor sent photos of the pests to a pest control service, it warned her they were likely deadly Brazilian wandering spiders, and could still be lurking in her home.

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The Sainsbury’s supermarket originally gave the family a voucher for about $15 when they returned the fruit, but has now paid about $4,500 so they could have the house fumigated and stay in a hotel. “I hope I didn’t eat one but I can’t be sure,” Taylor tells Metro News. “I now have a phobia of buying bananas. We don’t know whether they’ve all gone.”

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