Wis. Girl Missing 9 Years Found Working on Farm

A Wausau, Wis., family may get an emotional Christmas gift this year: the return of their daughter and sister who’s been missing for more than nine years. More: Teen Seeks Help After Crash, Homeowner Kills Her Connie McCallister, now 26, disappeared when she was 16 after she went to a party with her boyfriend, then […]

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Deadly Spiders Hatch Out of Grocery-Store Bananas

Ruth Brown, Newser Staff Yes, we have no bananas today … because they’re full of deadly South American spiders. A family in London was forced to flee its home after spiders began to hatch out of the Colombian fair-trade bananas it had bought from a supermarket chain. MORE: Oklahoma Bigfoot Hunt Ends Very Badly Consi […]

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Scientists have found a new strain of the deadliest toxin. (Photo: iStock)

Deadliest Known Toxin Found—but No Antidote

John Johnson, Newser Staff It sounds like a sci-fi thriller plot, except this is very much fact instead of fiction: Scientists in California have found a new strain of botulinum toxin—the deadliest toxin known to man—but they still haven’t come up with an antidote, reports New Scientist. MORE: Jurassic Park-esque Find: Blood-Filled Mosquito Fossil As […]

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Student Punished for Driving Drunk Friend Home

Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff (Newser) – Erin Cox was just trying to be a good friend when, two weeks ago, she drove to a party to pick up a girl who had called Cox asking for a ride because she had been drinking. But just after Cox got there, the police arrived. According to CBS […]

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Researchers have revised the age of the moon. (Photo: iStock)

Moon Maybe Not as Old as Previously Thought

Ruth Brown, Newser Staff No wonder the moon has such a youthful complexion (well, it vaguely resembles a teenager’s spotty face)—new research suggests it isn’t quite as old as previously thought. The standard theory was that the moon formed some 4.56 billion years ago, after another planet slammed into Earth. MORE: Scientists Find Gene to […]

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Latest Viral Obituary: Mom Was ‘Violent, Evil’

Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff “Viral obituaries” are quite trendy these days, and they’re usually heartwarming—or at least hilarious—but not so in this latest case. Gawker spotted the obituary for Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick in the Reno Gazette-Journal, and though the paper removed it, Gawker has the full text. Whoever wrote it says Johnson-Reddick, who died recently […]

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SARS-Like Virus Traced to Egyptian Tomb Bat

Rob Quinn, Newser Staff Feces pellet provides perfect match for mystery virus Researchers scrambling to find the source of the deadly MERS virus have pinpointed an animal culprit—but they’re still not sure how it has been passed to humans. MORE: Bodies Left to Decompose in Texas Field for Science An exact match for the virus […]

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