The excavation at the top of Dorstone Hill in Herefordshire.   (Photo: Newser/University of Manchester)

Ancient ‘Halls of the Dead’ Unearthed

Ruth Brown, Newser Staff Archaeologists have unearthed two ancient buildings in England thought to be 6,000 years old—that’s 1,000 years older than Stonehenge. The remains of the 320-foot-long wooden long houses were found under burial mounds in Herefordshire. MORE: Saudi Blogger Sentenced to 600 Lashes They are believed to have been deliberately, symbolically burned down—probably […]

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316 U.S. Cities Doomed to Watery Fate

Rob Quinn, Newser Staff Study: Another 1,100 cities could share same future It’s already too late to cut greenhouse-gas emissions enough to prevent 316 American cities from eventually being partially submerged by rising seas, and the number whose fate is being “locked in” is constantly rising, a chilling new study finds. MORE: Girl, 12, Battles […]

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Could This Be the 51st State?

Ruth Brown, Newser Staff Rural counties in Colorado move to form North Colorado The good people of northern Colorado are sick of those Denver city-slickers telling them what to do. Fed up with what they see as a lack of representation, several rural counties are now seriously considering seceding to form their own state: North […]

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More ‘Vampires’ Found in Poland

By Kate Seamons, Newser Staff Number of skeletons buried in peculiar way now stands at 17 The four suspected vampires unearthed by archaeologists in Poland may have been in good company. Der Spiegel reports that the number of skeletons found buried with their head placed between their legs (so arranged to ensure that a possible […]

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$250K in Gold Found 100 Feet from Florida Coast

Kate Seamons, Newser Staff The 48 gold coins are from a 1715 shipwreck You may want to pack your snorkeling gear the next time you’re headed to Florida’s eastern coast. The owner of a shipwreck-seeking salvage company has announced that he discovered 48 gold coins worth as much as $250,000 off Wabasso Beach on Saturday. […]

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Hospital Charges Women $5 for Every Scream in Labor

By John Johnson, Newser Staff The Washington Post has spotted an almost too-hard-to-believe nugget from an international report on corruption: A hospital in Zimbabwe charges women $5 for every time they scream during labor. In theory, it’s to curb “false alarms,” but it’s really about “separating mothers from their money,” writes Max Fisher. MORE: Mammal Moms Can Choose Baby’s Sex […]

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Ancient Pyramid Torn Down by Developers: Peru

By Matt Cantor, Newser Staff Peruvian authorities say a pair of real-estate developers have ruined a 4,000-year-old pyramid, and they’re facing criminal charges, the BBC reports. “Irreparable damage” was done to the 20-foot-high pyramid, says an archeologist. The El Paraiso complex, near Lima, had 12 pyramids; the companies tried to tear down three others before witnesses […]

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JoAnn Nichols, a first-grade teacher, was reported missing in December 1985.   (Poughkeepsie Police Department, Newser)

28 Years Later, Dead Wife Found in Hoarder’s Home

By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff JoAnn Nichols’ murdered body was behind basement wall With seven Dumpsters full of clutter in his backyard, neighbors in Poughkeepsie, NY, knew James Nichols had a hoarding problem—but they didn’t know he was hoarding the body of his own murdered wife. MORE: AG: Man Tried to Bilk $2.2M From Boston […]

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