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Best Soup Joints in Seattle

By Karie Engels, Examiner.com Us Northwestern natives have a few favorites we enjoy this chilly time of year. A hearty minestrone, dungeness crab clam chowder, smoked salmon chowder, chicken gumbo, […]

Guide to Comfort Food in Philadelphia

By Tamara Anderson, Examiner.com Comfort food reminds us of those cold days when only a nice bowl of chili topped with shredded cheddar can keep us warm and happy. These […]

Best Soup Joints in Philadelphia

By Mary Dunks, Examiner.comAs the chill in the air settles into our bones, we think of things that can warm us up quickly. Nothing beats a good bowl of steamy […]

Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade Preview

By Christy Ayala, Examiner.com Parades are a holiday tradition in Philadelphia. Billed as the country’s oldest parade, Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade along Market Street was first sponsored by Gimbels Department […]

What to Do This Weekend in Philadelphia

By Susan DeFoe, Examiner.com It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you’ve consumed more turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing than is humanly possible. It’s time to work off those calorie-packed carbs. […]

Best Bars for Black Wednesday in Seattle

Sure, Thanksgiving is definitely family time but the night before is the time that friends get back in town and reconnect and catch up over drinks and high spirits. Here are five great venues you should consider spending Black Wednesday.

Best Bars for Black Wednesday in Philadelphia

To many, the biggest party night of the year is the night before Thanksgiving – Black Wednesday. Also known as Blackout Wednesday, the evening of raucous reveling is a tradition for flocks of old friends and college students who leave campus to come home for the holiday weekend. Some say the bar crowds rival even those on St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve. If you’re hankering for a Thanksgiving hangover, stop into one of these bars for Black Wednesday in Philadelphia.

Big Changes from Election Just Weeks Away from Coming to Life in Seattle

Washington voters passed two historic initiatives to legalize marijuana and allow gay marriages. Since possession of pot is still illegal under federal laws, state officials are waiting to hear from the feds to see if they plan to block the newly passed legislation. Washington’s 12 electoral votes went to President Obama.