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Ancient ‘Halls of the Dead’ Unearthed

Ruth Brown, Newser Staff Archaeologists have unearthed two ancient buildings in England thought to be 6,000 years old—that’s 1,000 years older than Stonehenge. The remains of the 320-foot-long wooden long… More

316 U.S. Cities Doomed to Watery Fate

Rob Quinn, Newser Staff Study: Another 1,100 cities could share same future It’s already too late to cut greenhouse-gas emissions enough to prevent 316 American cities from eventually being partially… More

Could This Be the 51st State?

Ruth Brown, Newser Staff Rural counties in Colorado move to form North Colorado The good people of northern Colorado are sick of those Denver city-slickers telling them what to do…. More

More ‘Vampires’ Found in Poland

By Kate Seamons, Newser Staff Number of skeletons buried in peculiar way now stands at 17 The four suspected vampires unearthed by archaeologists in Poland may have been in good… More

Hospital Charges Women $5 for Every Scream in Labor

By John Johnson, Newser Staff The Washington Post has spotted an almost too-hard-to-believe nugget from an international report on corruption: A hospital in Zimbabwe charges women $5 for every time they scream during labor. In… More