Hollywood Photographers Consider Charlize Photo Ban

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Several celebrity photographers are sick of being ignored by a certain blonde star and are seriously considering orchestrating a complete photo ban on the actress to get their point across.

“Charlize Theron. She doesn’t like to stop for us or even smile,” seasoned photographer James Smeal revealed to Fox News. “I even said congratulations when she was nominated for a Golden Globe, and she totally ignores you. That’s the worst.”

“Charlize is the newest talk around the line because she is typically rushed if she even stops at all… But it really doesn’t take that much to keep us happy,” another photographer added.

“I don’t know if it’s just that major celebs are so pressed for time, if it’s their publicists that instigate the line rushing, if they really don’t like doing it, or if they don’t understand we are not street paparazzi.”

Press photographers are constantly compared to the tabloid paparazzi… a parallel that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We are cleared and given permission to do the carpet. We get there hours and hours before and we’re told in advance who is supposed to turn up,” said another photographer. “The paparazzi industry has made us look bad and it’s not right. We are shooting for legitimate agencies. We don’t want to be disrespected; surely a smile for a few moments isn’t that hard.”

This is not the first time a celebrity has been blacklisted by the camera.

Photogs stopped snapping shots of George Clooney in 1997 after the actor ripped into tabloid magazines and entertainment photographers following the death of Princess Diana.

Red carpet snappers sent Clooney a message by refraining from taking his photo at the New York and Los Angeles premieres of “The Peacemaker.”

“It was a ripple effect; we made it clear we were really upset. A couple of us drafted a letter and gave it to his publicist,” Smeal said. “Finally George came up to us, apologized that things were taken the wrong way and said he was going to make a statement. He then went up to all the video crews and said that things should have been worded differently, he apologized. He set the record straight, and to this day he has been great.”

Sharon Stone was snubbed three separate times at the height of her career. The “Casino” actress had a habit of ignoring photographers on the red carpet, so they began to ignore her.

“Her publicist at the time couldn’t understand why we weren’t shooting her, so we explained. It happened a few times until she finally got the message,” Smeal told the news site. “The same thing happened with Jennifer Lopez around the same time that ‘Selena’ (1997) came out. She hardly posed and we were furious.”

Sylvester Stallone also made it onto the “no flash” list in 1997 for calling photographers “legalized stalkers.”

“The Nanny” actress Fran Drescher was boycotted by photographers the very same year after she complained about having her photo taken several times during the weeks leading up to the Emmys.

A New York-based photographer disagrees with Smeal’s claims, insisting that Theron just doesn’t respond well to the loud atmosphere.

“Ask her (Charlize) nicely and calmly, and I have never had a problem. She just doesn’t like rudeness,” he explained. “Renee Zellweger is another who likes things quiet and calm, so we all hush when she comes. They will all give you your shot if you just don’t yell at them.”


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