Advocates Praise Beyonce for Breastfeeding in Public

(AP Photo/Ed Burke)

Breastfeeding advocates, a.k.a. ‘lactivists,’ rejoice after Beyonce was spotted nursing her 7-week-old daughter, Blue Ivy, while eating out at NYC’s Sant Ambroeus restaurant with her husband, Jay-Z.

A celebrity as influential as Beyonce holds the power to break down barriers tied to nursing, experts say.

“Beyonce appears as a beautiful, loving new mother,” said Dr. Ruth Lawrence, professor of pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, as reported in ABC News. “She has dressed to carry and feed her baby when needed.  She makes a model image.”

Beyonce’s public breastfeeding comes on the heels of a grassroots-organized ‘nurse-in’ at Facebook offices around the world in Feb., which was prompted after the social network flagged or disabled accounts of moms who had uploaded nursing photos to their accounts.

The superstar’s move is also particularly welcomed since statistics show that black women in the U.S. breastfeed their babies at lower rates than other woman do.  Doctors recommend all babies get breast milk exclusively for six months and continue nursing for at least another six months.

Advocates are quick to squash any controversy over Beyonce’s nursing in public. Dr. Lawrence said: “I am sure there was much more mammary tissue visible at the other tables in the restaurant [where Beyonce was], as women tend to display plenty of cleavage in public these days. Breastfeeding is not pornography as little or no breast is visible when a woman breastfeeds in public.”

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