Prince William and Kate: Ready for Baby

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Prince William and Kate’s first wedding anniversary is fast approaching, and now royal insiders say they are preparing to start a family.

There are a number of clues that suggest they have babies on the brain, royal sources say. For starters, they’re reportedly making “family-friendly renovations” to Kensington Palace. They’ve added a royal puppy to their family. They’ve also called off a trip to Africa. Though the reason is unknown, some rumors suggest that it might be due to the fact that required vaccinations could be harmful for a baby on the way.

Then there’s their circle of friends, many of which are having children now. Watching their friends become parents “does help” boost William and Kate’s decision to follow suit, a family insider told People magazine.

Also, both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana were pregnant before reaching their first wedding anniversary, which encourages speculation that Prince William and Kate may be trying for an heir soon.

“Continuity of the monarchy depends on William producing an heir,” veteran royal watcher Judy Wade told People. “And a baby would put a seal on William and Kate’s happiness.”

Sources claim that the couple is ready to start a family sooner rather than later. However, they are unlikely to announce a pregnancy before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration (marking 60 years on the throne) this summer, as they wouldn’t want to overshadow the celebration, says a royal source.

“They will let nature and life take its course,” the source adds. “It will be a joint decision, and they will make it when they’re ready.”

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