Dennis Hopper’s 9-Year-Old Daughter to Inherit Millions

Johannes Simon/AP/ddp/dapd

Even though Dennis Hopper was involved in an acrimonious divorce with her mother at the time of his death from cancer in 2010, his will made sure that his daughter from that marriage will be a millionaire.

Nine-year-old Galen Grier Hopper will inherit $2.85 million from her dad’s estate, according to, despite the nasty recriminations that were being flung by both spouses at the the time. Hopper left his youngest child $2.25 million in cash plus $600,000 worth of property, all of which has been placed in a trust, which which reportedly will be administered by his oldest daughter, Marin.

Hopper, an actor known for his provocative roles in such films as ‘Easy Rider,’ ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Blue Velvet,” was also known for his hard-partying ways and his complicated love life over the years. He had four child — Marin, 52, Ruthanna, 38, Henry, 22, and Galen — from four different wives and was in the process of divorcing Galen’s mother, Victoria Duffy — his fifth wife — when he became ill and died from prostate cancer.

And now it appears that Hopper managed to make sure that his generosity wouldn’t extend to his estranged wife. Reports are that Duffy — who was married to Hopper for 13 years but who received nothing from his estate, thanks to an iron-clad pre-nup agreement — has been denied any control over her daughter’s trust at all.

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