Report: Amanda Bynes Barricades Herself in Dressing Room

AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Amanda Bynes can’t seem to stay away from controversy these days, even if she’s just trying a little retail therapy.

While shopping at the hip West Hollywood boutique Kin on Tuesday afternoon, reports, the troubled starlet — who’s recently been in the news for her terrible driving and increasingly erratic behavior — created a scene by taking some clothes into one of the store’s fitting rooms — and locking herself in for almost two hours.

The clerks in the boutique said they heard banging sounds from inside the dressing room every 10 minutes or so, and that they became concerned when she failed to emerge after an ordinary length of time. One of the clerks eventually placed a “distress call” to another employee, saying that he was concerned that Bynes had been holed up for so long.

“I was so worried about her,” an employee said later. “I didn’t know what she was doing in [the dressing room]. I didn’t know if she was overdosing, or doing drugs or what.”

The other employee eventually returned to Kin, but to no avail. Bynes remained in the dressing room, apparently telling the staff, “I need more time.”

When Bynes finally emerged from the fitting room hours later, she bought stilettos, sunglasses and several other items at the register, at which point she noticed that she was wearing the top half of a two-piece swim suit under her dress. She told the sales clerk that she “forgot” it was on and proceeded to pay for that as well.

The staff said she realized that there were paparazzi loitering outside and asked them to call her a cab. It was unclear how she had gotten to the store.

It the latest in a series of incidents that have sent the Hollywood rumor mill into overdrive and have caused sources close to her to deny reports that she is preparing to enter rehab for alcohol dependence and mental-health issues.

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