Report: Lauer ‘Miserable’ over Constant Jeers

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Matt Lauer may be used to people screaming his name in the streets of New York, but their message has turned extremely negative.  According to TMZ, strangers have been accosting the ‘Today’ anchor relentlessly in the city.

Sources report that Lauer is “miserable” due to the constant verbal attacks that he has been receiving, many alluding to anger over Ann Curry’s exit from the morning show. People have been shouting at Lauer with comments such as, “You’re a bad guy,” and “You got Ann fired. Does that make you happy?”

One network source says, “It’s driving him crazy.  He’s so unhappy.”

Lauer reportedly feels “abused,” claiming that he did not call for the removal of Curry in late June.

The “Today” show was America’s highest ranked morning show for over a decade. That winning streak was halted by “Good Morning America” earlier this year.

Sources claim that Lauer has been acting like an “anchor animal” since the drop in viewers and staff members are forbidden from mentioning “Good Morning America” in his presence.

There are no plans to remove Lauer from the “Today” roster. He may have to endure the jeers until anger from Curry’s fans finally subsides.


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