“Thriller” Co-Star Reaches Settlement with Jackson Estate


A memorable face from Michael Jackson’s historic career finally decided to forgive and forget. TMZ reports that the love interest from the music video “Thriller” settled her dispute with the estate of the “King of Pop” for $55,000.

Ola Ray, the timid vixen from this ground-breaking music video, originally filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson one month before his death in 2009. She claimed that there was a breach of contract and Jackson still owed her money from the profits of “Thriller.”

In addition to the $55,000 Ola received, $20,000 was paid to her lawyer by the Jackson estate.

The director of the video, John Landis, also settled a lawsuit with the estate. He originally requested upwards of $2 million. His settlement amount has not been disclosed.

The “Thriller” music video, released in 1983, is considered one of the greatest music videos of all time. It is estimated that the making of the 13-minute classic cost $500,000.


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