Marie Osmond Shares Struggle with Loss of Son

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Marie Osmond writes about one of her life’s biggest tragedies in her new memoir, “The Key Is Love.” In an exclusive excerpt published in People Magazine, Osmond discloses her struggles with the loss of her 18-year-old son who committed suicide three years ago.

There are times when the 53-year-old performer falls to her knees and has difficulty breathing. “You cry until you can’t cry, and then you cry some more,” Osmond shares in her book.

Michael was one of five children adopted by the “Paper Roses” singer. She also has three other children. In her memoir, the mother of eight recalls an eerie incident before her tragic loss.

Just six months before Michael died, a woman approached Osmond in Las Vegas and said, “Oh, Marie. You’ve been through depression, divorce, kids in rehab . . . What haven’t you been through?” The “Donny and Marie” star responded, “I haven’t lost a child. That would be the worst thing.”

That would all change on February 26, 2010. Osmond’s son jumped from the balcony of his eighth floor college apartment in Los Angeles.

In “The Key Is Love,” Osmond recounts how she learned the terrible news while performing at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. “My cell phone rang around 1:30 a.m.,” Osmond writes. “It was a guard at the gate that leads into my neighborhood. He said, ‘Someone is here from the coroner’s office. They are coming to the Flamingo to see you.’ My heart dropped to the floor. I said to (her daughter) Rachael, ‘It has to be Michael.’ “

Osmond adopted Michael days after his birth to an unmarried teen mom. In an interview following his death, Marie shared, “I know I’ll see my son again and it’s that kind of faith that gets you through the difficult dark moments.”

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