Report: Judge ‘Furious’ at Kris Humphries’ No-Show

(AP Photo/Kristina Bumphrey)

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were supposed to come one step closer to finalizing their divorce earlier today. Progress was impeded as Kris Humphries skipped the mandatory settlement hearing in Los Angeles, according to Us Magazine.

Judge Goldberg reportedly was “furious” that Humphries was a no-show and went so far as to say that the NBA star was “mocking” the court system, according to a source in the courtroom.

“Kim showed up pregnant!” the source tells Us Magazine. “He’s just wasting everyone’s time at this point. So disrespectful,” the source continued.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ that the Brooklyn Net was “stuck in New York,” despite ample warning of the hearing’s date and time.

Judge Goldberg was left so outraged by Kris’ absence that he set a sanction hearing which could result in substantial fines, according to TMZ.

Although Kim was in attendance, she didn’t quite seem herself. Reports have surfaced that the reality star was extremely nervous, and she constantly fidgeted with her hands.

TMZ reports that the feuding exes will have another chance to work out their differences before their scheduled May 6th divorce trial. They have been summoned for another pre-trial/settlement hearing on April 19th before a new judge. Hmm, wonder if Kris will show…

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