Dentist’s Plan: Clone John Lennon Using Tooth

John Lennon (Photo: Getty)

By Kate Seamons, Newser Staff

Remember when a Canadian dentist bought one of John Lennon‘s teeth for $31,000 in November 2011? Turns out Michael Zuk wanted to do more with the molar than display it on a shelf.

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Zuk hopes he can use the decaying tooth to clone the dead Beatle. Seriously. Zuk explains in a press release that he has shipped the tooth to Penn State University, where scientists will hopefully “extract the genetic code.”

Next steps: first, scientists figure how to clone mammoths; then Zuk simply applies that technology to Lennon’s DNA. No problem!

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One bummer for Zuk (who also own Elvis Presley’s dental crown), per His country banned human cloning in 2004, so he’ll have to continue to chase his dream outside its boundaries. Keep up with his effort at

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