Report: Newton-John Held Exorcism in Fla. Home

(AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

“Grease” star Olivia Newton-John reportedly conducted an exorcism at her $5.6-million Fla. home, according to Sunday Express. The move came after a contractor tragically took his own life inside the property.

Newton-John allegedly flew in a Catholic priest to conduct the spiritual cleansing with the goal of assuring potential buyers that the home was not haunted. Rosie O’Donnell had reportedly offered $5.6 million for the Jupiter home, but pulled out after the disturbing incident.

The contractor who had worked on the home, Chris Pariseletti, had a key, according to the Express. He is believed to have been in financial distress which threatened his business with bankruptcy. Friends of Pariseletti claim he asked Newton-John for a loan which she declined to make.

According to the Express, the exorcism itself was attended by Newton-John, her husband and two friends. Holy waters was sprinkled in several rooms and prayers were offered in hopes of spiritually cleansing the premises.


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