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Nephew Blames Stallone, Wife for Son’s Death

The cause of Sage Stallone’s death is still unknown, as the autopsy results may not be available for up to two months. But many have speculated since his body was found that the 36-year-old actor overdosed on pills reportedly found at the scene. Sage’s cousin Edd Filiti, 18, wrote angry Facebook posts on Friday partially […]

Sylvester Stallone’s Son Found Dead

It’s been confirmed that Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage was found dead in his Hollywood apartment earlier today, according to The New York Post. “He was in good spirits, and working on all kinds of projects,” the 36-year-old actor’s lawyer, George Braunstein, told the paper. “He was planning on getting married. I am just devastated. He […]

Police: Natalie Wood’s Death Certificate Changed to ‘Undetermined’

Natalie Wood’s death in 1981 was recorded as an accident, but TMZ reports her death certificate has been changed to “undetermined.” Police said the L.A. County Coroner filed for the change last month, and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, which has reopened her case, notified Wood’s family today. Wood’s family said the certificate was changed […]

TV Legend Andy Griffith Dies at 86

Actor Andy Griffith, who is best known as the star of “The Andy Griffith Show,” died this morning at the age of 86, according to multiple reports. NBC affiliate WITN confirmed the actor’s death with former UNC President Bill Friday, who was a close friend of the star. Friday told the station that Griffith died […]

Kevin Costner: Princess Diana Was in Talks for ‘Bodyguard 2’

Whitney Houston’s big break in 1992 with “The Bodyguard” came with some help from Kevin Costner, and apparently Costner had his eyes set on molding Princess Diana into his next big star, according to a report from US Weekly. Costner, 57, told Anderson Cooper in an interview scheduled to air next month: “Diana and I […]

Private Investigator: O.J. Innocent, Son Committed Murders

An explosive new book claiming O.J. Simpson’s innocence in the 1994 murders of Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman hits shelves today. William Dear, a private investigator who began studying the case 18 years ago, has penned an extremely detailed tell-all titled “O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It.” The book, which studies almost […]

Report: Cocaine Found in Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room

Another clue in the mystery of Whitney Houston’s death has reportedly been uncovered by Beverly Hills police. According to TMZ, an inside source says “white, powdery remnants” discovered by police in their initial search of the late singer’s hotel room have been tested and identified positively as cocaine. It was also revealed that despite rampant […]

Bobbi Kristina Reportedly Dating ‘Adopted’ Brother

After much speculation, Bobbi Kristina, 19, has broken her silence on Twitter about dating her ‘adopted’ brother Nick Gordon, 22. Whitney Houston took Nick in at the age of 10 after learning his mother could no longer care for him, but she never legally adopted him. Bobbi and Nick grew up together like siblings and […]

Whitney’s Family Reportedly Selling Funeral Footage

Whitney Houston’s family quietly struck a deal to sell video footage of Whitney’s funeral to benefit Bobbi Kristina, according to a TMZ exclusive report. Apparently, the Associated Press provided a live pool feed of the funeral to media outlets, including TMZ, but requested that all outlets pull the footage 24 hours later. A rep for […]