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Will Smith Reveals His ‘Most Painful’ Career Failure

Will Smith has had his fair share of box-office flops, but one critically derided film stands out above the others. “‘After Earth.’ That was the most painful failure in my career,” the actor told Esquire in a new interview. “After Earth” starred Smith and his teenage son Jaden Smith as a father and son stranded on Earth […]

Phil Collins Comes Out of Retirement for Middle School Show

Phil Collins has not performed a live show since 2010, but the Genesis frontman recently returned to the stage… to perform with a middle school band. The 63-year-old singer, who announced his retirement due to health issues in 2011, made a surprise appearance at the Miami Country Day School’s spring music concert, where he performed […]

Liam Neeson Gives Emotional Speech at ‘Schindler’s List’ Event

On Thursday night, actor Liam Neeson appeared at Philadelphia’s Prince Music Theater to introduce a 20th anniversary screening of Steven Spielberg‘s acclaimed Holocaust drama “Schindler’s List.” The event, which benefited the USC Shoah Foundation — a Spielberg-founded organization that preserves more than 52,000 eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust — included a special message from the director […]

Estimated Price Tag of ‘Men in Black 3’: $375 Million

The Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones film “Men in Black 3” has racked up quite the tab, with nearly $250 million in production costs and a total price tag of $375 million. To add insult to injury, it has garnered a reputation as being one of the most troubled productions in recent Hollywood history, […]

Report: Jolie Replaced in Brad Pitt Movie

Have hopes of a big-screen reunion between real-life couple Brangelina been thwarted? Cameron Diaz, 39, is in final negotiations to play Malkina in Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor,” a project Angelina Jolie was attached to as recently as last month, reports US Weekly. However, the details behind the change in actresses are unknown. The movie, based […]

Depp Explains Bizarre ‘Tonto’ Look

Johnny Depp looks completely transformed in his role as Native American Tonto in the upcoming movie “The Lone Ranger,” and speculation has surfaced about how he developed the look — with some even claiming he’s mimicking Marilyn Manson. However, Depp apparently created the bizarre makeup montage on his own, and he says that a particular […]

Kevin Costner: Princess Diana Was in Talks for ‘Bodyguard 2’

Whitney Houston’s big break in 1992 with “The Bodyguard” came with some help from Kevin Costner, and apparently Costner had his eyes set on molding Princess Diana into his next big star, according to a report from US Weekly. Costner, 57, told Anderson Cooper in an interview scheduled to air next month: “Diana and I […]

Jennifer Aniston: Theroux Looks ‘Like a Serial Killer’

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston may have a weakness for ‘bad boys,’ but after hearing her recount her first impressions of beau Justin Theroux, we’re surprised a romance blossomed. “I met Justin about five years ago and I thought he was very sweet and he was always very nice,” Aniston, 43, tells Pop Sugar. […]

Sandra Bullock Considered ‘Permanent Break’ From Acting

Sandra Bullock hasn’t appeared on the big screen in nearly two years. In early 2009, Bullock won an Oscar for her performance in “The Blind Side.” Shortly after, she became engulfed in a media firestorm surrounding her split from ex-husband Jesse James, who admitted to extramarital affairs. The actress now says her personal drama made […]