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13 Famously Weird Celebrity Commercials

Before hitting it big in Hollywood, some of today’s most powerful stars got their start in obscure (and often hilarious) television commercials. But even the world’s richest and most famous celebrities occasionally jump the pond to cash in on international ad dollars by appearing in ads for soda, beer, soup, air conditioners and more. Perhaps Arnold […]

Oprah Slammed by ‘Color Purple’ Co-Star in Racially Charged Rant

Apparently, not everyone loves Oprah. Rae Dawn Chong, who appeared alongside Winfrey in the 1985 Steven Spielberg-directed flick “The Color Purple,” went on a racially charged tirade against the TV personality during a June 27th appearance on Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour. According to a recording obtained by TMZ, Chong revealed that she was on good […]

Report: Maria Shriver Reconsidering Divorcing Arnold

Is Maria Shriver reconsidering her decision to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger? TMZ reveals that Shriver, 52, is having second thoughts about splitting with her husband of 25 years. Shriver’s Catholic religious beliefs, which do not include divorce, are playing a huge role in her reluctance to sign the divorce papers. A source tells TMZ that Arnold, […]