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Report: Newton-John Held Exorcism in Fla. Home

“Grease” star Olivia Newton-John reportedly conducted an exorcism at her $5.6-million Fla. home, according to Sunday Express. The move came after a contractor tragically took his own life inside the property. Newton-John allegedly flew in a Catholic priest to conduct the spiritual cleansing with the goal of assuring potential buyers that the home was not haunted. […]

Olivia Newton-John’s Sister Dies from Brain Tumor

Olivia Newton-John’s sister, Rona Newton-John, has died one month after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. The “Grease” actress shared the news of her 70-year-old sister’s passing via Facebook. “My beautiful sister Rona sadly passed on May 24th in Los Angeles,” she wrote. “It was May 25th in Australia which was our mother Irene’s birthday. Rona died […]

Olivia Newton-John Reveals Sister Has Brain Cancer

The “Grease” star, who fought breast cancer nearly 20 years ago, reveals her older sister Rona Newton-John has been diagnosed with brain cancer, according to ABC News. The 64-year-old star confirmed her sister’s diagnosis in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.”  Olivia Newton-John was slated to perform in Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel, but has decided […]