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Taylor Swift InStyle November 2013 Issue

In the November issue of InStyle, Taylor Swift opens up about mean girls, bad boys, and knowing when to walk away: On her insecurities:  “Every single part of me has been dissected at some point or another by a blog writer or a 14-year-old girl on a comments page who says something really terrible. Or […]

TMZ: Taylor Swift Pays $17 Million Cash for New Home

When Taylor Swift goes shopping, apparently she doesn’t need to carry credit cards. TMZ is reporting the pop princess just snapped up a new mansion in Rhode Island, and she paid the $17.75-million price tag in cold, hard cash.   The Grammy-winning songstress was first spotted scoping out the 11,000-plus-square-foot mansion on April 15th. Now she has […]

Michael J. Fox Doesn’t Want His Son Dating Taylor Swift

Tina Fey jokingly advised that Michael J. Fox’s son Sam is off limits to nominee Taylor Swift at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. The crowd got a kick out of Tina Fey’s warning, but the joke hit home for the “Spin City” star. According to Vulture, 51-year-old Michael J. Fox isn’t too keen on the […]

Taylor Swift Flies Kennedy Boyfriend to Nashville?

There are definitely drawbacks to dating a pop star like the internationally famous Taylor Swift — the paparazzi, the possibility of ending up as the chorus of a hit song — but there are also, it seems, some serious perks. Just ask RFK grandson Conor Kennedy, who reportedly hopped a ride on Swift’s private plane […]