Tiny Pens Fan Flips Out on Parents

by | December 15, 2011 at 12:17 PM | NHL, Sports

Sports fandom, for a preadolescence boy is tough.

First of all, you feel the teams’ successes and failures much more than the average fan would. Uncontrollable temper tantrums when your team loses, and total elation when your team wins. Sounds exhausting, especially for a hockey fan who has to go through those mood swings for 82 games a season. Second, you can’t quite seem to understand why anyone, let alone your parents, would like any other team besides the one you hold so dear to your heart.

Well this young Pittsburgh Penguins fan’s parents decided to play a trick on him by switching their allegiance to the Detroit Red Wings. Now, the young boy may not understand that the Pens and the Wings met in back-to-back Stanley Cup Finals in 2008 and ‘09, each earning their chance to hoist the Cup.

The young Pens fan’s classic display of loyalty and complete disbelief that his parents could even think about rooting for another team is absolutely priceless.

Maybe the best thing about this video is that the kid is throwing a fit while wearing a Sydney Crosby jersey.

I admire the kid’s dedication though. Keep with it kid, and don’t let the shattered trust of your parents deter you from rooting for your favorite team.