N.Y. Students Suspended for Tebowing

by | December 15, 2011 at 7:25 PM | NFL

Tim Tebow (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

For those looking at the Internet for the first time in months, the act of Tebowing mimics the touchdown celebration of Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow. To be precise: to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

It’s the new rage. Thousands of Internet users have submitted photos of themselves Tebowing, something the quarterback himself finds hilarious.

But the fun meme turned ugly Wednesday when four Long Island high school students were suspended following a spontaneous Tebowing session in the school’s hallway, Yahoo’s Prep Rally blog reports.

Connor Carroll, a senior at Riverhead High in Long Island, says that he and three other students were given a one-day suspension after they were caught Tebowing on school grounds.

Over 40 students participated in the performance, causing safety concerns for school officials.

The boys, which included Conner’s brother Tyler, football player Wayne Drexel, and soccer player Jordan Fulcoly, were officially charged with blocking the school’s hallways.

“The administration told us that our Tebowing was blocking the halls and could potentially cause a riot, because they were growing in number and if the wrong kid gets pushed a brawl could ensue,” Carroll revealed.

“We had no idea that we could get suspended for such a thing. It was a joke between a group of friends that took a life of its own. We figured at the most we would just be told to stop,” he added.

So why do they Tebow? “[It is] out of respect for Tebow, and because Tebowing is the new thing to do,” Carroll reveals.

Of course.

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