Rangers Fan Badly Beaten by Flyers Fans After Winter Classic Was an Off-Duty Cop

by | January 5, 2012 at 10:15 AM | NHL, Sports

A street fight between opposing hockey fans was caught on tape following the Flyers 3-2 overtime loss to the Rangers in Monday’s Winter Classic. The fracas occurred in front of Geno’s Steaks, a popular cheesesteak destination and tourist attraction.

It’s hard to tell from the raw footage who initiated the fight, but the two Rangers fans were quickly outnumbered. :28 seconds in, the damage was done when a fan wearing a Flyers’ Claude Giroux jersey sucker-punched a man wearing a Rangers’ Ryan Callahan jersey, knocking him down and out on the street.

According to NBC New York, the main victim has been identified as 30-year-old Neal Auricchio, an off-duty New Jersey police officer and former Marine who earned a Purple Heart in Iraq.

“He got banged up pretty badly,” his father Neal Auricchio, Sr., told NBC New York Wednesday. “Stitches in the one eye, and the other eye is pretty puffed up. He went for a CAT scan today, and we’re waiting for the results on that.”

Philadelphia officials said the brawl ignited when a group of Flyers fans paid a man who was cleaning car windows to spray a Ranger fan with some sort of liquid, according to NBC New York. Police are asking anyone to come forward with information that may help identify the men in Flyers orange.