With a Hot Mic, Charles Barkley Says Weight Watchers Deal Is a ‘Scam’

by | January 6, 2012 at 10:36 AM | NBA, Sports

Charles Barkley (Mark Lennihan/AP)

The Human Sound Byte struck again last night during the Heat-Hawks game on TNT. But this time it wasn’t Barkley’s assessment of the on-court play that piqued viewers interest. Kevin Harlan took care of that (see :33 mark).

During a commercial break Barkley openly discussed his endorsement with Weight Watchers. His mic was hot unbeknownst to him and streaming live via NBAtv.com.

From Deadspin (via Eye on Basketball):

“I’ve been on Weight Watchers three months. I have to lose two pounds a week. I’m at 38 pounds now. They come and weigh me every two weeks. I ain’t never missed a weigh-in. Never going to…I’m feeling much better. But I ain’t giving away no money. I’m not giving away no free money. I thought this was the greatest scam going—getting paid for watching sports—this Weight Watchers thing is a bigger scam.”

Beautiful. But Barry Petchesky at Deadspin points out that Barkley isn’t exactly saying the Weight Watchers program is a complete sham, only that the former ‘Round Mound of Rebound’s’ agreement—and payment—hinges solely on him shedding pounds.

Barkley’s comments may then explain how Kirstie Alley continues to stay employed.

Miami defeated Atlanta 116-109 in triple-overtime with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the bench.

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